The Wikimen



Sunday 16th February

Matinee performance from 4:30pm


The Wikimen have played forever and a day since 1908. Mostly at kindergartens and Art Gallerys in Melbourne , Oz. Throughout their daily toils and tribulations they always find a time to sting up the Double bass and polish the vibraphone for a new sonic adventure in the realms of early 20th century pop jazz. The line up these days is as reads above, with the occasional addition of some of our favorite people , including the singing talents of young blues songbird Stephanie Brett and the inimitabubble exoticness of Emma Bathgate. When the band is really cooking you can bet they have the help of those hard to keep up with Brassy siblings, The Jones' , Declan and Ros.

 "Its like a choclate gelati which has been slow cooked for 100 years , l,eft on the window sill and eaten by a toucan who then proceeds to dance around and sing in the most lovable and questionable manner."

"Its like the meeting of the telephone and the Ox, at a 14 years birthday
party on the 24th of December or in the middle of July"

"Its like playing your zipper in church. "

" I would make pancakes to that !"

"Its Aurthur Lyman and Capitan Matchbox going to vist Billie Holiday to give her bunch of flowers, but instead they run into Yma Sumac and she eats them."

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