Sam has created a menu to reflect the needs and wants of today's punter with some serious reworks on pub classics, tapas style entrees and bar snacks that make you thirsty.


Furry Flappers,

So many things in the air and they ain’t ducks!

Flipping it around - In Rose` news (how often is that a headliner?!) we are introducing Dominique Portet Rose` and after a game of petanque in the sun, a bakery belly full of Phillippa’s bread and way too much cheese, their Brut Rose` as well.

Epic Zombie has been tapped and ooorrwww mi gawd.....only 30 litres of it!! Molly Meldrum yourself.....

Massive week of music with Breabach leading the way on Tuesday. Chris Henry on Thursday. Spoonful on Friday and get your dancing shoes dusted off for a Saturday arvo dance class and band-age with Bakersville from 3pm. Freebies to be won for some of these, so see below for howsies.

Quote of the week – “Can I have a small Pink Lady?”

Red Moment of the week – “I am not familiar with your wine. Your rep must be absolute rubbish.” Small penny dropping pause – “You’re the rep aren’t you?”

Ordering word that needs immediate kyboshing – “Can I grab {insert burger, beer, wine, salt, pepper, aioli}..........” No you can’t grab anything. It’s rude to grab. 

Moment of the week – Circus performance. Random and fantastic!!